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All About the Main Types of Melanoma

Every living human being has skin. Of all the organs in a human being, the skin is the largest. But the skin is very sensitive. The sensitivity of the skin will vary from person to person. Blemishes are the names given to many skin conditions that most people have. But some of them are skin cancers. One of the most widely known forms of skin cancer is called melanoma. This month is referred to as the melanoma awareness month. Hence getting information about all the melanoma types is very key. When this skin cancer is left untreated it could become detrimental. When the melanocytes on your skin have an abnormal growth, the melanoma develops. the main types of melanoma will be covered in this article.

The first main type of melanoma we shall look at in the melanoma awareness month is the superficial spreading melanoma. the names of this melanoma are gotten from the manner in which it occurs and spread. This melanoma will not be found spreading gone the kin sub-layers. What this melanoma does is that it will spread outwards and not inwards. This type of melanoma is common for people of both genders in the age bracket of 30 to 50 years of age. It mainly occurs on the legs in the form of a dark spot.

The second type of melanoma we cover in this melanoma awareness month is the nodular melanoma. Unlike the one above, this type of melanoma spreads to the sub-layers of the skin very quickly. This melanoma will begin in the form of a node. And it is less common than the superficial spreading melanoma.

We shall also take time in this melanoma awareness month to check another main melanoma type called lentigo maligna melanoma. This type of melanoma occurs on people that love sun-basking a lot. This melanoma will occur on the part of your body that have more exposure to the skin than the rest. This is a form of melanoma that will be present in more old people than the younger population.

The acral lentiginous melanoma is the last main type of melanoma that we shall look at in this melanoma awareness month. If you have a darker complexion skin, you have a higher likelihood of getting this melanoma. It can occur without having to exposed t the sun. This melanoma will begin on the soles of your feet or the palms of your hands. It starts as a black spot and then spreads both inwards and outwards.